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Laz Zunday


Laz Zunday

Neither here nor there. – 2012


B b b b b bbbbaack to Bandung tomorrow!

Bits of Art School


Art School

Photos were taken between mid 2004 and late 2008.



photo by Rose E Martin- Fig & Fauna Farm

In the language of photography, there’s a term called the decisive moment – so my sister Rose tells me. It means to capture the time where something is about to happen. The photograph could be a drip or a baseball player just about to make a home run. It’s the picture that leaves you hanging and gives your mind the chance to fill in the next frame. In many ways, to live on a farm is to dwell in the decisive moment. It’s the dough that is rising in the window, the chickies waiting to hatch, the beets growing deep down in the soil, the honey forming cell by cell, the slow morning milking and the pastures improving with each rain. We are hanging on for everything to happen. Meanwhile, I have learned to live in these moments, realizing that the harvest is the smallest part of the equation – it’s the life happening now that we are seeking. We happily welcome four new Aracauna chicks to this world.

~Fig &Fauna Farm

It was recommended to me by Andam. Blissful!  Please pamper your eyes here.

Common Cold


Common Cold

Waiting for my car to be repaired in a cold cold cold morning. Setiabudi, Bandung.

I want you on my side
To take the hard shots with me
You make it easy to decide
You showed your facets to me
There’s a trail that ends tonight
Within the walls of this living room
All of my thought that weren’t
Like two strays in terminal
Throwing cinders into the sky
Drifting leaves while stoned aside
This is the race we’re meant to run

Mieke – Flake Music