10 Things I Consumed in October

1. “Running Grave” by Robert Galbraith. October kicked off with a literary escape amidst the chaos of work event preparations. The book instantly became my favorite among the previous 6 books in the series, which I thought would be difficult to surpass Troubled Blood’s position.

2. Inpepsa. The dreaded acid reflux, a reminder to take a breath. I found myself laughing in the face of acidity, realizing that self-care can be as simple as a morning walking routine. D’oh.

3. Black Holes – The Edge of All We Know. Oh, watching those theoretical physicists decode the black holes was a real riot. Crunching numbers like it’s child’s play, naturally, it had me questioning my own IQ. Watching them work was almost as entertaining as imagining myself doing the same… in an alternate universe, of course.

4. Extensive Google Search on aluminium window frames. Picture this: me, frantically clicking away, attempting to decipher the secrets of window frames like my life depends on it. Yeah, maybe I dream of having a house, but the whole fuss about furnishings, decorating, or interior design? Noooooo…. (turns out I don’t really care anyway).

5. Niyom. A colleague’s visit to Jakarta introduced me to this Thai jeans brand. The cutting looked super nice on her, also leaving me wondering why such quality is not readily available in local Indonesian brands. Can’t wait for my package to arrive.

6. Jakarta Fashion Week. Thanks to Sare – Andam, it was my first time attending such event. Oh, I was so smitten by the Douche show. Given my old obsession with Madonna’s Ray of Light era (I have vivid memories of my elementary friend Claudia memorizing the Frozen’s lyric for our singing exam, lol), I was totally mesmerized when I heard Shanti/Ashtangi playing after ages. And I think I need a couple of pieces from the collection ASAP. *smile* That day also gave me a chance to have some real talk with my art school buddies, diving into deep topics like the quality of sleep among art grads. *eye-rolling*

7. Shori’s Beef Sukiyaki. Indulging the simple joys of savoring delicious food (and a hot date!).

8. Pilates Re Bar. Trying out a new pilates studio within walking distance from my home marked the beginning of appreciating local facilities. Still trying to make all of these feel homey though. It’s still a bit challenging.

9. A normal broom. After a detour into the world of marketing hype, I returned to the simplicity of a normal broom stick. Sweep away both dust and unnecessary complications yes please.

10. My Staccato ballet flats got a second life with a quick tweak. And I’ve been enjoying the abundance of adorable visuals of sweet bows on social– they’re all the rage now.

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It’s been quite a gloomy month, to be honest, with all the madness happening in the world. But hey, I turned 38, and hey, when the right moment hits, I’m gonna write about my love for Chandler Muriel Bing, one of my all-time favorite friends.


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