Thoughts that crossed my mind today.

  1. I’m amazed when reading such comprehensive social media strategy documents; I wonder if the designers can really execute it and translate it into actual results, impact, or sales, or if they just enjoy creating such lengthy documents.
  2. The sambal (spicy sauce) from any warung that sells Kalasan-style chicken fried always tastes delicious.
  3. I found myself lost in thought, thinking that seeing LCD Soundsystem perform live might not be that much fun. Is it really necessary to have a song like “Oh Baby” performed by eight people, with 3 or 4 synths, each on stage playing a tiny role while nodding along slowly?
  4. I feel like I could report the obnoxious racing car that usually tears through the housing complex around the same time.
  5. This morning, (finally!), there was an orange tabby cat that lingered in front of the house for a long time. While keeping me company during breakfast, I repeatedly thought that cats truly play in nurturing and sustaining my mental well-being. 🤍🟠🤍
  6. Oh how I fervently wish for the once-in-a-lifetime joy of watching “The Curse Child” in Melbourne to grace my life again, or maybe just a watered-down 50% version next March. And as for my failed attempts at saving money this month, let’s just say my piggy bank and I are in cahoots, giggling.
  7. I gotta hustle and put together a list of new reads, like, pronto.

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