Things I consumed in November and in the weeks before Christmas

Two thrifted rings. A casual stroll around SCBD led me to a thrift market, where I stumbled upon two cute rings at unbelievably bargain prices. Met some awesome thrift vendors and swapped deets on Instagram. Despite my own thrift store (:p) being temporarily on pause, the satisfaction of reviving old clothes through alterations and gifting them to delighted nieces was kinda source of pride.

Multivitamin + fever medicine infusion twice a week thank you very much. The lengths we go for health, pfft.

JICAF: Came with Kania and Angga to see this exhibition of multi-dimensional illustration works by local and SEA illustrators. Really enjoy to see the vibes among the artists and visitors, hehe. We take for granted the works that we see digitally on the screen, no matter how simple or complex they are visually, stemming from the skill of craftsmanship.

Joyland: Marked my return to music festivals after what felt like an eternity. Fleet Foxes was the primary allure. Navigating the vast festival grounds and the sea of concertgoers was a no-go, given my preference for the intimacy of indoor concerts. Nevertheless, a strategic late arrival proved to be a quite game-changer—chill vibes and no post-festival fatigue (thanks, body, for the ongoing recovery). Shoutout to The Beths for stealing the show as the band that performed before the main performer; I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve decided it’s my end-of-year anthem.

Stickerszzzzz. Lol, yes… reviving another childhood hobbies. I distinctly remember that having scented chocolate stickers or ones with fur texture, especially in the shape of animals would be seen as someone well-off haha. I recently ordered cool Philatéliste stickers set created by Rendy Kusuma to celebrate restarting my French classes. Some time ago, I also collected super awesome stickers created by Ruby, Riri’s baby. And, of course, anything related to Christmas is an instant win for me. Currently anticipating the arrival of my blank sticker book and my Amazon orders.

Books: Currently in an era where I read several books simultaneously rather than reading one book from start to finish before moving on to the next.

  • Queers Shoot Back It feels like a stern yet informative lecture, most likely because of the layout and how the book was printed. Yet, it’s perhaps fitting for someone still exploring the vast realm of queer topics like me.
  • The Hired Man. This book has me hooked from the very first page—you know when you’re reading a book and it’s like whoa, this is the kind of story I really like haha. Let’s see where it takes me.

Rambutan Rapiah. Indulging in three packs of them in one sitting has become my guilty pleasure. I even chat every supermarkets around my place to inquire about their stock. Don’t mention other types of rambutan, not even for comparison. Slightly swollen lips from the sap—totally worth it!

Fleet Foxes. Singling them out for a separate mention because, well, where do I even begin? I screamed at the top of my lungs when they played He Doesn’t Know Why” Their self-titled album in 2008 truly serves as a silent witness to my melancholic moments in Bandung. Just missing Meadowlark, Oliver James, and Wading in Waist-High Water to complete the experience.

Muscat Grapes. Because I witnessed a colleague effortlessly munching on them during calls. It’s now a newfound favorite!

Hogwarts Mystery. Just because.

Christmas Puzzle. Just because.

The “Things I Consumed” are inspired by the newsletter “Maybe Baby” by Haley Nahman but in a ((ehem)) much lighter version. I adore her writing (….and she just made a human, eekkk! 🙂


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