s e p e r a t e t h e s h e e p f r o m t h e g o a t s

Jill of All Trades


Kalimera new logo that I made earlier today. Been thinking to update the website and upload things I’ve collected for several months. Hm.


My family had never understood what I want to be when I grow up. In fact, they’re still trying to figure it out for me until now. They sound more and more like those newsletter emails you got every week from LinkedIn.

The other day I took Uber analytic test as the second stage of application to become their city operational manager. I even tried to mastering pivot tables in two nights. Yeah, me, a woman who started to learn how to use =SUM formula in Microsoft Excel in the year of 2015.

Not long before that, in 2014 together with Rob, we founded our teeny tiny kitsch shop online. I have to understand how to set up an e-commerce website, front end, back end and a host administrative skills. However, ‘understand’ is the operative word. While possessing a working knowledge of e-commerce outside my design skills is helpful, I don’t need to be—and shouldn’t try to be—spectacular at everything.

Tips: when you chat with the 24/7 Dewaweb online support, my best ever recommendation for you is to pretend the whole time to be Jen Barber from IT Crowd.

This has been my experience my whole life. I’m too easily bored with anything. I don’t dedicated my time to a particular type of work. I can’t know just about one thing. I keep thinking of things with any connections, with any perspectives, and always leads to work that often personal.

Well, I guess I agree with Buzzfeed just this one time (gah!), that knowing a little of everything is often better than having one expert skill.

I’ll mow your lawn, clean the leaves out your drain
I’ll mend your roof to keep out the rain
I’ll hammer the nails, and I’ll set the stone
I’ll harvest your crops when they’re ripe and grown
I’ll pull that engine apart and patch her up ’til she’s running right
I’ll take the work that God provides

I’m a Jack of all trades, we’ll be alright

~ Bruce Springsteen, Jack of All Trades




A saved draft from 2009.

sarah lucas gasm


sara lucas gasm

Appropriation of Sarah Lucas, 2012

Lets say you could have one chance to get your virginity back.

Will you give it to Sarah? Or the chicken?

Laz Zunday


Laz Zunday

Neither here nor there. – 2012


B b b b b bbbbaack to Bandung tomorrow!

Common Cold


Common Cold

Waiting for my car to be repaired in a cold cold cold morning. Setiabudi, Bandung.

I want you on my side
To take the hard shots with me
You make it easy to decide
You showed your facets to me
There’s a trail that ends tonight
Within the walls of this living room
All of my thought that weren’t
Like two strays in terminal
Throwing cinders into the sky
Drifting leaves while stoned aside
This is the race we’re meant to run

Mieke – Flake Music