s e p a r a t e t h e s h e e p f r o m t h e g o a t s

A Tear


While I have some drafts I’ve been working on for this blog (means that I clearly had zero talent in writing but know if I put some nice pictures it would help give nuances to it), I just wanted to share one of my source of joy during this quarantine.

A friend in the past introduced me to DW’s music and I instantly loved the spacey sound of his guitars, the echoing lines and how his songs created such a peculiar mood. I didn’t listen to him from Osker or Fingers Cut Megamachine but I do enjoy all albums under his own name.

Last year, I Google search him a few times a year to see if an album has dropped and he is hard to follow (essentially absent from social media except an inactive Facebook page and he doesn’t have a website). Then one day I received a notification from his Facebook page and he posted some updates regarding his upcoming album and he’s on Instagram!

After a six year break A Tear in Fabric was released. As written on his Bandcamp page, the break was defined by a series of changes: the birth of his daughter and the illness and eventual dead of his father.

My favourite songs from this release: Domesticated, Slow Motion, In Babylon.


Devon Williams’ live stream from home on Instagram, May 2020.
Photo: Devon Williams

I had this photo of him taped on the wall of my desk. Aryaduta Semanggi A37A, 2017.

‘In Babylon’. Captured and edited from the video, courtesy of Slumberland Records, 2020.