s e p e r a t e t h e s h e e p f r o m t h e g o a t s

Tale of Death


Captured from Black Mirror 03×04 “San Junipero”

I have found myself thinking too much about death, not that I want to end my life or anything. It’s just what I believe has gotten me to this point is the fact that I’ve realized how easy we can leave this world.

I often experienced death of strangers that I saw on the article or social media from a curious perspective. While I accepted it as an inevitable part of life, I also thinking it can generate a great deal of terror of the unknown future is. Their death motivated me to explore deadly diseases, cause of most accidents, drugs, war or what environment challenges which may impact on our lives. I would read up and learn about them for weeks. On and on again, just to imagine if my time on earth will still be long.

Black Mirror’s San Junipero is truly-wonderfully bad dream for me. They said movies we cherish the most are not those that feel the farthest from our experience. They are the ones that—in the darkness and stillness of a room —reanimate the wonder and mystery of tiny chunk of the world we know.

Even the series have been a constant reminder that everything could be flicked off with the switch of a button, San Junipero kinda made me hopeful on the concept of life and death.

It’s convenient.

A haunting reminder to live every moment to the fullest.


p.s. I knew I wanted to post this since I first watched the series, but couldn’t shake the melancholy mood, lol

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